My life back–!

Last post December 29? *blush*

Since then I've put on a writers conference. The web site is/was . Can't kick about how it went; we had over 240 attendees, many compliments, and few complaints. Started out with a $1500 deficit, and finished with (knock wood–final numbers aren't in) money in the bank.

So here's the thing, though: I only agreed to do it once, so I can't say for sure if it will ever happen again. And, y'know, writers? Too many people there because they wanted to be special, not because they wanted to be better writers. Can't peer into all 240 heads, of course, so that's just my opinion–I'm all for being creative, I just think you should look for credit from the quality of your work, not expect praise just because you're being creative. If that makes sense. Also as conference admin I didn't deal with the 232 happy attendees, just the eight cranky ones, so my views are colored by that.


But my life is my own again (after some post-conference cleanup, of course) so my goals are: to update my web site; to finish four encyclopedia articles due August 18; and to finish my promotions dossier due Labor Day. I want to do more baking, and more drawing, and play here more. If I do more writing…well, that's an if with five years of non-performance against it.

Today's good thing: New Wilton Cake Decorating Yearbook! Also a refund for the $850 I spent on the conference in the past month.

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3 Responses to My life back–!

  1. Morgat says:

    That writer's conference sounds great! I didn't realize you were a writer — cool. I'm an aspiring writer, working on a novel series. (this is a very loooooooong term project!) I'm going to re-read the conference website — very interesting.
    Glad you're in my 'hood! Did you see my Georgia on my Mind post a while back (before you were in my 'hood, you'd have to scroll down a bit for it…)

  2. Hi! I did see your Georgia post–I've only been to a couple of the places on your list. If you ever take the trip, come in March if you can, because spring is beautiful here.
    I haven't written seriously for a while, but I made some very good friends in my writing group. When they asked me to take on organizing the conference after the creator of the conference retired and moved away, I agreed to do it once, since the intent was to restart it as the project of a self-perpetuating group, and now that it's over, we'll have to see if the group steps up to do some perpetuatin'.
    Good luck with your writing project! The writing is the most important thing–all that matters in the end is the words on the paper. I think conferences can be helpful but having just put one on I'm feeling a little cynical about them right now.

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