Tell me when the breaking news is fixed

I flipped back to MSNBC after the Colbert Report and caught a glimpse of Keith Olbermann as he handed news coverage of the Minneapolis bridge collapse back to Dan Abrams. Keith was wearing a charcoal-pinstripe coat with a violet shirt paired with a black tie polka-ing with matching violet dots, a shade of violet that would have looked interesting under a black light, I must say. On the screen was the same footage from earlier in the evening, on a perpetual loop, and when I went to dinner tonight, that same footage was on CNN, and the newsmodel was doing the same thing Dan Abrams had been doing, interviewing eyewitnesses, trying to gin up a story. I don't know–is everything that happens in all of our neighborhoods now, or is this an unhealthy kind of virtual rubbernecking?

I talked to my dad tonight; he'd only heard the morning news and thought they were beating the story to death, but then he and my mother had been to the Johnstown flood museum today so his perspective may have been skewed. When I heard the news about the bridge I reminded myself they were in PA and was very glad.

Nice to see That Man in the White House has realized he can't respond to these things three days after they happen.

Countdown is on again; Brian Williams has arrived in Minneapolis, wearing a workmanlike chambray shirt and making comparisons to scenes in Iraq. For tonight's Olbermann watch: light grey-beige coat with a wide stripe, a white shirt with a dark blue stripe, and a pink tie. Mmph.

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