Conference art

I did this as a fundraiser for the writing conference I put on this summer–I thought "Cats! Writers! They go together like cats and librarians!" so I put it on some mugs n' stuff at CafePress, and sold…exactly none (I bought some mugs to give away, but that doesn't count). Of course, selling through CafePress means you don't get any impulse shoppers, but we didn't have money to invest in merch.

The evaluations from the conference came in this week, and the comments–oy. The conference was overpriced, the presenters were unprepared, I was unfriendly, there was too much white bread and starch in the meals…the numbers were okay, though, 90% responses "good" or "very good", so…there.

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5 Responses to Conference art

  1. Morgat says:

    The grumblys are always louder than the happys. Sigh.
    I'm a sadly, because I can't see "writingcat", just a thingummy with an x.
    If I'd been at the conference, I would have bought some writingcat things. (and I'm more a "have fun, build community, have fun writing stuff" kind of a person, but I'm too far away to come to the conferences you do.)

  2. Morgat says:

    Hey! I just turned into a happy! Something alakazaam-like happened, and when I clicked back to my neighborhood, there was Lucky Writing Cat waving his cute little paw at me! I lurves him!

  3. Try now? I had to go back and resave at a lower resolution. I'm sure there were "have fun etc." people like you there, it's just that I didn't meet 'em.

  4. Thank you! Is based on my cat Sally.

  5. Morgat says:

    Yep. Is good. see above, re: alakazaam. Thank you!

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