An inefficient day

So yesterday I turned in my dossier for promotion, and today my resignation from the writing conference board takes effect–my plan for the weekend was to sleep and clean house, but I'm not doing either very efficiently. Did make some cupcakes though:

These are for the birthday of the mother of a friend–that sounds like a French class sentence: Petits gateaux pour l'anniversaire de la maman d'une amie–since she said she and her mother were trying to watch their diets, I used a new recipe, One-Egg Cupcakes from Grandma's Wartime Baking Book by JoAnne Lamb Hayes, which called for just the one egg, 1/4 cup of butter, and 1/2 cup of sugar, so divided by twelve, that's one teaspoon butter and two teaspoons sugar per person, which doesn't sound too bad. Not counting the frosting, of course.

I got this with the idea it might have lower sugar, lower fat recipes–I can't say that's true, because when something's low sugar it's sweetened with corn oil or something instead, and I don't know how beneficial a substitute that is.

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