My friend’s new kitns

So my friend K stops by today and asks if I'd like to go with her to pick up her new kitties (I say yes).

I get to ride in the back seat with them on the way home:

James takes the trip well:

 Lily does not:



We take them to the vet right away. There's another kitten there:


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9 Responses to My friend’s new kitns

  1. RedScylla says:

    SQUEEEEEE! Poor Lily does not look happy. I lof Einstein, though.

  2. arbed says:

    awww they're beeyooteefull!

  3. AmyH says:

    How could refuse a new kitteh ride along? You can't, of course.
    Awww, poor widdle Wiwy. I do feel for her, but I did laugh a little laugh.

  4. lauowolf says:

    Maybe it's a boy/girl thing.When I got Orlando and Zelda from under the house across the street, Orlando was all, howdy folks.Zelda took about two hours of coaxing to get close enough to grab.And about two months to come out from under things and socialize.She then became the velcro cat.So look for Lily to become a cuddle monster as soon as she realizes you aren't the grim reaper.

  5. Morgat says:

    Ooooooh, kitters! Them's beeeyoootiful. Did she bring home Einstein, too???

  6. Einstein had his own mommy–he was a foundling from her mother's neighbor's yard. He was a sweet bitty boy, though!

  7. TreeSweater says:

    What pretty little sweeties!I would have been tempted to stuff Einstein in my pocket anyway.

  8. I love the kitties! SO CUTE!

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