Why I didn’t get the mail today

*shudder* I wasn't expecting anything today anyway.

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16 Responses to Why I didn’t get the mail today

  1. Lauri says:

    Bahahaha! Ze postman alvays chirps twice!!!

  2. jaypo says:

    but you thought he was cool enough to take a picture!!

  3. …at arm's length, with a speedy retreat!

  4. Aubrey says:

    It is against the law to prevent in any way the delivery of the United States Post. The penalty is, er, death. That's right death.
    Is this representative of the plague still there? Get a gun, my dear Peg, and shoot it. Make the country a safer place.
    (admires the pretty blue post box and then runs away)

  5. jaypo says:

    omg, I just came here to respond to p's reply to me, which was going to be:You and Aubrey, honestly. 😀 And there she is, shiverin' alongside of you!!

  6. Lauri says:

    Awwww, dat cute leetle guy don't skeer ME!Let's go get him, jaypo! 🙂

  7. jaypo says:

    we will pet him and pet him and love him and make him happy. :-[]

  8. Lauri says:

    And name him "Newman"!LMAO at myownself.

  9. jaypo says:

    Every morning, at the mailbox:Hello.Newman! grrrrrrrr.

  10. Morgat says:

    My cousin told me once that she didn't write letters because then you had to deal with the mailbox monsters. Now I know what she meant.
    Run for your life, Peg!
    (If I still had my Geordie cat, she would catch him for you. She wouldn't be gentle, though…)

  11. Newman is safe to go on his way, to chew down the Ingalls' wheat fields or become a snack for John the Baptist, whatever his eventual fate might be, as long as he stays out of my house. He crosses the threshold, Sukey hunts his chirpy butt down. Good kitty.

  12. snoringKatZ says:

    We have a 'bugs get the outside, humans get the inside' rule as well. Technically, I suppose Mr. G was within the rules of the realm.

  13. lauowolf says:

    The question is how did he fit the mailman's body in that tiny box.

  14. Lauri says:

    Gasp! LOL!!!! What a great plot twist!

  15. pyrl says:

    'specially if the mailman really was Newman.

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