The Reagan Era in Pound Cake

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14 Responses to The Reagan Era in Pound Cake

  1. jaypo says:

    i shure would like to tear me a piece o' that one right now. and eat with me hands.

  2. Oh, blimey, not this one–total cake failure! (It tasted okay bud id schtuk to de roof ov yur mouf).

  3. snoringKatZ says:

    Which is totally like the Reagan era! Peg, you are a GENIUS!!! (I'm the person who picks the overdone crusties from the sides…mmmm… cruuuusttiiieeesss…)

  4. RedScylla says:

    LOL! I was wondering…what's a "Reagan era pound cake"? Now I know.

  5. jaypo says:

    I will fight for the crusties, sk, to the end. ;-)looks like it squirted out the sides.

  6. It exploded from the top–too much batter in the pan, and also I put too much liquid in the batter, so after the cake rose it couldn't support its own weight. It was supposed to be a birthday cake for a friend but I had to bring one from Publix instead (oh the humiliation).

  7. RedScylla says:

    Maybe that was the infamous "trickle down effect"?

  8. Morgat says:

    ROFL!!! (I've never typed that before!) I asked to see the Reagan Era expressed in Pound Cake, and ala kazaam kazoom, there it is! All fancy pretty on the outside, all hollow on the inside! Fantabulously perfect, Peg!!!! Thank you so much!!!

  9. HAH! Trickle down effect, in action, and you can see how well it worked!

  10. I wouldn'ta thought to post this except you asked–thank you!

  11. snoringKatZ says:

    Then I challenge you to a duel! Oven mitts at 10 paces!!!

  12. I think there were plenty of crusties for everyone from this particular cake–how is an oven mitt duel done? Is it fisticuffs or arts-n-crafts?[begin mental picture]snoringKatZ: Unhand those crusties! I have decorated mine oven mitt with SEQUINS! Red sequins!jaypo: Begone! I have used ze GOOGLY EYES!snoringKatZ: AAAIIIEEEEE![end mental picture]The recipe for the cake is here: …it's the East 62nd Street Lemon Cake.

  13. jaypo says:

    ze gOOgly eyes?!?!? Oh noes!! *poof*

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