Kitten update

Tonight I visited the Land o' Kits just after dinner, so everyone was a little sleepy:

Bonus Kitty is now called Bou, for Boudicca:

She has shown some interest in what's outside the kitten room, but is still doubtful about the dogs.

The Boy Kitty does not have an official name yet, but is commonly referred to as Little Man:

He's very laid back and purrs at a touch, even while sleeping.

Tabitha is afraid of nothing:

She has already been out of the kitten room for a short supervised exploration, and disregards the dogs completely.

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7 Responses to Kitten update

  1. jaypo says:

    Aren't they beautiful! Boudicca, like Teho's Bou! Remember little sick Bou? I wonder how she's doing.I love Boudicca, Boadicea, Bodica, however they spell it, I love her.

  2. Yes, with all her sick kitties, poor baby! I don't remember any updates on them–maybe Theo never heard.

  3. I should add that this Bou is healthy enough to jump to the top of the bookshelves already…then down into the corner "chimney" where two bookcases meet in the corner, and require rescuing (twice).

  4. Morgat says:

    Kittehs!!!!! Luvs them, I do. I like the name "Little Man". I realize that's likely not his permanent name, but names are interesting things, that sometimes stick when you least expect it. (As I recall, Lurkertype's TK was just a "handle" to use until they came up with a "real" name, when they first brought him inside. A year later, what's his name? Yup, TK.)

  5. K said, "Little Man needs a manly name so he can stand up to Daniel and Leo–" Daniel and Leo are her older cats, both big bruisers (in a good way) "–how about Nigel?" but I told her that would get him beat up on the playground. I suggested Tate because of the Jody Foster movie, but she'd never heard of it. Little Man might stick; who knows?

  6. Lauri says:

    How funny! My daughter named her kitten Murray, but he is called "Little man" more than anything else!And I love Bou and Tabitha. What wonderful, lucky, happy kits! Lol. Murray, after being in our home for about 4 days, completely disregarded four dogs, too. And he is completely oblivious to Eli (bigger cat)'s hatred of him.Ah, to be young again! 😉

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