A proper kitten update

Yesterday the kittens had a supervised outing to the living room. The wish-I-had-a-video-camera moment was Tabitha leaping from the back of the couch onto the barrister bookshelves–*boink*! We had a learning moment about glass-fronted shelves.

Little Man, possibly to be called Loki, has an eye infection, so was headed for the vet today.

He's quieter than his sisters but that may be because of the eye infection. His points seem to be darkening, and his white legs are looooooong and thin. He and Tabitha have been sneezing, so they spent part of last night in the bathroom with the shower running for steam, to help clear their widdle nosies.

Bou and Tabitha have become bestest buddies. The irony of this is that K chose Little Man from the shelter because she'd always wanted a Siamese, and added Tabitha so he'd have a companion his own age, but now that Bou and Tabitha have taken up together, there he is on his own again. Poor lamb!

Added later: all three kitties have viruses, and are sneezing. Loki is now Little Man's name for real, and has additional treatment for his eye.

K also had a new spider to show me :::shudder:::. I don't know what kind it is.

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10 Responses to A proper kitten update

  1. snoringKatZ says:

    So cute! Poor little snooflers – so common in those kennel situations for such little ones. Good thing they've got a loving mama to tend to them so well 🙂

  2. pyrl says:

    AAAAAHHHH!! That was mean! (shakes fist at Peg's post)

  3. Mean…? Tabitha's boink or the spider? I guess the spider, hidden at the bottom of the post…Sorry!

  4. little miao says:

    Aw, I hope your kitties are feeling all better soon.that's quite an impressive web your spider has! (to say nothing of the size of the spider herself…)

  5. pyrl says:

    I love slapstick. No problem there.
    The spider. It's OK. Rilly. (fanning self) Golden Orb?

  6. Morgat says:

    Okay, I was having a lovely time playing with Loki (good name) and Tabitha and Bou, and it was all so nice, and then BAM you hit me wif a scary spider!!! I'm trembling and afeart, I am. I'm going back to the brownies…
    (can I take the kitties wif me while I go and snitch a brownie?) (not the 'pider, though.)

  7. So sorries…next time I will affix a spiders warning…the kitns would like an outing! They can have pounces while you have brownies.

  8. Lauri says:

    Awwww, the kitties are SO sweet!I hope their colds are getting better and Loki's eye gets all well, too!Is it a Golden Orb, pyrit? I always called these "garden spiders", and I thought their scientific name was Argiope arantia. For some unfathomable reason I remember learning that when I was a teenager. 😛

  9. Loki's eye was much better when I saw them on Wednesday, and he and Tabitha were ambushing each other all around the kitchen (slippery floors wheeeee!)
    Google has been only moderately helpful about the spider–it could be either a Golden Orb or a garden spider as far's I could tell.

  10. Lauri says:

    Hooray for kitties being back to being kitties! 🙂

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