Mom and Dad go to the AARP convention…

…and hit the exhibits like kids at Halloween. They send me a box o' swag:


I asked for a flashlight I could put on my keyring, so everything on the table has a light on it. There were also two clocks, a pedometer, an insulated lunch bag, several pens, two bottles of calcium tablets, a Turner Classic Movies game, chip clips, a sewing kit, pill boxes, a travel toothbrush…good stuff.

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5 Responses to Mom and Dad go to the AARP convention…

  1. snoringKatZ says:

    I can't wait! I'm so close to AARP! And yet… so far away…When your mom and dad 'shop' for you, they shop!

  2. Lauri says:

    Hahaha! I AM in the AARP. I make hubby open all my AARP mail, though. I don't want to touch it! Yay for fun schtufff!

  3. jaypo says:

    Like Christmas for the seniors *snort*. Ha! I never joined, I won't join, I automatically deep six all their mail. I think they're evil.

  4. lauowolf says:

    No.They sent Sally a box, and threw some stuff in it to keep it from getting crushed in the mail.Here Sally waits patiently for you to removed the packing material.

  5. Morgat says:

    Lookit all teh toys!!!!! Oh what fun!

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