QotD: Culinary Celebrity

Who's the coolest culinary celebrity?

My bad imaginary food tv boyfriend:

My good imaginary food tv boyfriend (even if he does want me to measure in grams):

Alton Brown gave the best book signing I ever attended, on his feet and happy to meet me, even though I was signee #98 out of 130 or so.

This is our local cake queen:


Sometimes people say my cakes are better than hers, which is nice to hear even if it's comparing Fancy Bakery Baking (hers) with Plain Home Baking (mine).

I envy Sylvia Weinstock's cakes:


…and also her glasses:


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6 Responses to QotD: Culinary Celebrity

  1. snoringKatZ says:

    I think your cakes are awesome! Which is why I am never ever going to try to make one again… (I'll post the photos later… you do not want to know)

  2. Thank you, but I'm sorry you weren't happy with your cake! You should try again, though, really!

  3. snoringKatZ says:

    Oh my nonononono! Well, maybe with a mix… It was an experience! 🙂 I do pretty well with drawing on top of cakes. I'll just stick to the basics and leave the fancy stuff to more coordinated people. heehee!

  4. That was the Darth Vader head, right? I honor your ambition 🙂 . What about a Death Star cake? Just a flat round cake, with that big circle and stuff drawn on?

  5. snoringKatZ says:

    That I can do! Thanks for the idea – flat is good 🙂 I'll stick to eating ganache instead of trying to make it. I excel at eating!

  6. pyrl says:

    Peg's cakes take the cake. snoringKatZ, I hear ya loud and clear. The whole baking thing. Nooooo.

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