Sunday night with the kittens

Every Sunday night I go to my friend K's house. She's the kittens' momma.

These were piled up around her front steps:

I'm not entirely sure what they are–I think they're some kind of gradual plant waterer (I made some by drilling holes in the bottom of plastic kitty litter buckets. K has no problem spending money on such things). We're under a defcon 4 drought right now, so I'm not sure even these would be legal. I didn't ask.

It's much easier to take pictures of the kittens when they're sleeping–that's the only time they stand still:


Emma is not a fan of the kittens. Emma does not like anything that siphons attention from herself. She's very insecure.

Bou wins this week's photo derby. Unfortunately it's because K wants to find a forever home for her and needs a picture for an ad–Bou was the bonus kitten living at the vet. K says she can't have five cats, which I totally understand, but I don't want to see Bou go, and she and Hermy are BFFs.







I think this one might be the winner, but she has such big bright yeeming eyes! K said she couldn't use this one:

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6 Responses to Sunday night with the kittens

  1. Metz says:

    awww, they all look so sweet. Bou looks so serious too, like she is a philosopher pondering life's mysteries. Beauty Break, back to ponderings…

  2. jaypo says:

    They're all beautiful kitties. Bou is very elegant.

  3. Morgat says:

    Gorgeous kitties — sorry to hear Bou will be leaving us.
    Um, I didn't realize droughts were rated as defcon whatever-number?? Or is that just your terminology?

  4. Aubrey says:

    Those white things sort of look like discarded Star Wars storm trooper helmets.
    Bou is bootiful – I think one of the pictures displaying her outstanding paw pads should be used. (although that would then mean her lovely tail would be ignored)
    Decisions, decisions!

  5. (whispering) I'm secretly hoping Bou won't leave. Maybe if I distract K with something shiny any time the subject comes up…(drags out the Christmas box to dig for tinsel)
    I don't think defcon etc. is correct, but the news is saying scary things like "If we don't get some rain the reservoir will be dry by Christmas! Run for your liiiiives!" Okay I added that last part. But Georgia is a dry state where you can buy liquor, for sure.

  6. That's what I thought! I just don't get the holes and the lid and the spout–
    I like the beauty moment picture because it appeals to my inner ten-year-old.

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