A long and pointless narrative of my day off

I took today off because…I could. It's fall break here, so all the kids are off to watch football in Jacksonville FL. It's a big controversy on campus–does having fall break coincide with the Florida game make it appear that football takes precedence over academics? Hm.

So this morning I slept late then made breakfast and finished this book:

Head Games
Eileen Dreyer

I don't like serial killer books and this was a particularly crrreeeeepy one, but I like this author and was glad to see she had a new book (to me) out. This is my favorite by her–no nightmares in this one:

Nothing Personal
Eileen Dreyer

I'm looking for a book that makes me want to write again–I have no pretensions to literature but looking at the racks of genre fiction just makes me sigh. This book was exciting to find because it made me think Yes! A romance novel can be great writing! but its influence has faded–even the author isn't writing much any more:

Prince of Midnight
Laura Kinsale

This cover was a heck of a lot more fun when it was all Fabio all the time.

Then I had to call Charter Cable to find out why the DVR they installed yesterday wasn't working. This was the fifth appointment I had made with them, and was the first to result in a tech showing up. I had called them twice yesterday to find out why the DVR wasn't working, but I was assured by two lovely women who were reading the manual that everything should be fine once I recorded something. Today when I called a nice gentleman told me that the reason my DVR wasn't working was that the box that was installed was a receiver for high definition TV, not a DVR at all.

 A real live DVR box is supposed to come tomorrow (all this to record Heroes and Ace of Cakes).

So I finally got dressed, went outside, and found this:

I know the bug probably chewed through the leaf when it was rolled up but I like the mental picture of a gentleman bug out for a constitutional, pausing occasionally for a bite.

I haven't seen Bad Cat (or the Bad Cats, depending) lately, but he (or one of them) was in the back yard yesterday:

Today he was in the front yard, and actually came close for a pet:

Belly rubs though, he DOES NOT WANT. When I made the mistake of touching a white spot he gashed me with his toof and stalked away.

I know cat bites are nothing to mess with but this was more like a paper cut. I washed it with things that sting and nothing bad has happened. Please also note that my neighbor's yard always make mine look better, though I do have to rake up the pine needles tomorrow.

After a trip to Home Depot I went to a movie, Nightmare before Christmas in 3D. It was well worth seeing but since it hadn't been originally made for 3D it was more like Viewmaster Vision than in your lap like you'd expect. Since I had to wear the glasses over my glasses it was just as well I was sitting in the dark:

Did you know Danny Elfman sang the part of Jack Skellington?

When I was at Home Depot I bought a new light for my hallway–as far as I can tell my house was lived in by college students for its whole life before I moved in, so all the fixtures are builder-quality, and brass, not silver finish. The project only took two phone calls and an email with photos to my dad to get it done.


The larger fixture covers up the extra-large hole that was cut when the original light was installed (the original electricians liked to cut generously. Dad hasn't found anything actually wrong but sometimes he just shakes his head). The light wasn't built for an ecological lightbulb, so it kind of looks like a two-bulb fixture that's half burned out:

I want to use the ecological lightbulb because this is the light I leave on all day when I'm at work, so I don't come home to a dark house. When I mentioned this to Dad he started ruminating about doing some kind of new remote lightswitch with a new garage door remote…it all sounds very complicated. 

The day ends with some knitting on the blue scarf…

…and of course this post. Thanks for sharing it with me!

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5 Responses to A long and pointless narrative of my day off

  1. snoringKatZ says:

    I think it was a lovely day off! And congratulations on having wiring that is actually grounded.Tomorrow… plumbing!

  2. Morgat says:

    I'm with sKatZ, I think it was a lovely day off. Beat mine (of course, mine was not a "day off" per se, it was a sick day, which changes what one does — mine involved a morning nap.)
    My ears pricked up (or was that my eyes, since I was reading…) when you mentioned a book to read, but when it was a serial killer thriller, my ears pricked down again. I like political thrillers (I like any kind of fiction with politics, or presidents, or like that) but not serial killer thrillers. Oh well…
    Nice light fixture.
    Bad ol' bad-cat — he shouldn't oughtta have toofed you. Put more stingy stuff on, okay? Make it all better, okay? Thanks.

  3. Aubrey says:

    Thank you for the leisurely tour! Regarding your careful insects – do you think they could have been inspired by Mr. Monk?

  4. Toofin's all better–thank you! Eileen Dreyer would write a fabulous political thriller, but she sticks to what she knows–trauma nurses with forensic training and damaging pasts coping with multiple murders. Good n' all, but it'd be nice if she did something else.

  5. I'm thinking of him as something more British, with a monocle…

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