A package from Penzey’s

Mail order spices, in time for Christmas baking:




…although Cook's Illustrated recommended McCormick cinnamon, too.

…hotter than regular crushed pepper flakes.

The dried peel reconstitutes in hot water. It's not the same as fresh, but it's okay.


The web site is here. Even if you don't want to shop for spices, try the recipe for Great Grandma Moog's Gingersnaps. Yum!

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11 Responses to A package from Penzey’s

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Lemon pepper is one of my favorite all-purpose spices.Love "the spice must flow" yeemage and joke! Your floofy girls are so beautiful.

  2. Lauri says:

    MMMmmmmm. This is making me drool…and it's not even baking yet!!!Love the kitty sweeties!!!

  3. Thank you! They're such good babies!

  4. Morgat says:

    oh my oh my oh my. I'm imagining what "Christmas baking" is like at your house, and oh my oh my oh my, words do not suffice. You will post pictures, right? It may be torture, but it will be such exquisite torture…

  5. Well, I know I have a college graduation cake in early December, and there's usually a cookie exchange, and something for the office party…it's not like there will be acres of gingerbread or anything, but I'll post what I do.
    I have to post my baking. I'm weak. I need feedback. And everyone's so nice!

  6. pyrl says:

    It is a little known fact that there was a 6th Spice Girl; Peg Spice.

  7. After leaving the band she married a coke-addicted owner of a chichi but failing nightspot and started a line of gourmet cookie mixes. Gordon Ramsey called them crap and Nigella Lawson used them in her catbox. You can still see Peg Spice on the Home Shopping Network shilling cookie mixes between 3 and 4am, smiling brightly and saying "Just the thing for when you have the munchies!"

  8. pyrl says:

    Well slain by your wit. I think I understand now the expressions on Sally & Sukey's faces.

  9. The feline embodiment of "Mom! Geez!"

  10. pyrl says:

    Cats love wit as you know, but it is good yours have each other for one cat alone could not hold up long against your high cleverness.

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