I am not overreacting

My black print cartridge was dry, so I bought a new printer. That's reasonable, isn't it?

Actually it was another new cartridge that came out of the package pre-dry for my convenience that sent me over the edge. This new printer has separate cartridges for each color so even if I get a bad one it won't be so much money to replace it (and it just makes so much sense to do it that way). And it was on sale, which is a lovely excuse for buying anything.

Mom and Dad are coming tomorrow for a week's visit, coming with a truck full of tools to work around the house, so happy Thanksgiving, everyone, if I don't get a chance to post closer to the day.

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3 Responses to I am not overreacting

  1. Morgat says:

    Makes sense to me. Enjoy the new printer!
    And have a happy happy turkey-lishous Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. Aubrey says:

    Happy T-Giving,
    Miss Peg of Tilling!
    What will you be serving –
    Will there be much swilling?

  3. I was going to say oh, not much swilling…but then my mother mixed me a gin-and-water that knocked me sideways for a couple of hours. No word on the Thanksgiving menu yet, but they may leave Thanksgiving day so it might be pretty simple.

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