Noises my Dad makes while working





"Oh you…" (this may be followed by "…dummy!" unless Dad gets distracted)


Mom and I thought he'd sliced off a finger at least, but instead he nearly lost the string he was using to fish up some new wiring into the wall. He was putting new lights under my kitchen cabinets:


I should add that Dad's tools are color-coded, yellow handles for regular work, and orange handles for his electrical box.

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4 Responses to Noises my Dad makes while working

  1. Morgat says:

    Without the proper sound effects, the job cannot be done to satisfaction.
    The undercabinet lights look fantastic!!! So does the kitchen!!! (wow.)

  2. Thanks! Mom cleaned the kitchen, so it looks much shinier than usual.

  3. Morgat says:

    Yay Mom, too!!! Yay, both of them! (And yay you, too!)

  4. jaypo says:

    Spankin' clean and shiny!! What a nice mom and pop you have! I want undercabinet lights for my kitchen too– they look so classy, understated and useful.I saw once on "This Old House" about a woman electrician – the guys on jobs would "borrow" her tools and not return them, so she painted all the handles pink. She got every one of them back after that.

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