Swoony pictures for the bookish

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5 Responses to Swoony pictures for the bookish

  1. Metz says:

    I will not lie, those pics made my heart go all a flutter.
    I had to close the browser and take a few deep breaths to get back on an even keel.
    Those are gorgeous libraries. Someday when I'm rich and famous I'm gonna have a library. 😛

  2. Those pics…I can hardly express myself. The wonder, the glory, the spiral staircases and ornate ceilings! *faint*

  3. oh, That is good stuff!the photos are AMAZING! I want to live in some of those aisles!

  4. quirkster says:

    *is speechless for a while as she blots at her drool*

  5. jaypo says:

    Speechless. There's no better place to be entrenched by history, glory, and technology all at the same time. Not that I'm partial, of course… (I work in a library).

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