Holiday Countdown Day 3

This was inspired by Morgat's Tree of Tree Pictures, which reminded me that all through the seventies my family made its own Christmas trees. The first (and best) one looked like this, a hula hoop with a string of lights wrapped to it with florists' tape, at the bottom of a cone made of green string, decorated with red ornaments. It hung from a hook in the ceiling and bobbed gently over the presents piled underneath.

Dad made this tree from instructions in a magazine. Mom says that when he was building it my brother and I walked the string up and down the hall, up and down the hall, while he put it together. I remember the tree but I don't remember that part.

This might also have been the year Dad gave Mom 100 Christmas presents, candy bars, pins and needles and spools of thread to fill up a sewing box, all kinds of little things but only five cans of 7Up instead of six because all that wrapping was thirsty work.

I think we used this tree for a couple of years before it got too tangled to put up again. We tried different models after that, a tree-shaped mobile made with coat hangers, circles cut from PVC pipe, and green silk ornaments, and intersecting cardboard triangles covered with gold wrapping paper, but after the year Mom and I taped tinsel to the humidifier and ran it up to hook that was still in the ceiling from the original string tree to make a roughly triangular, vaguely festive holiday shape, we went back to real trees. I think Mom and Dad have a tree-in-a-box now, since they have to put it up the week before Thanksgiving.

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2 Responses to Holiday Countdown Day 3

  1. Morgat says:

    All those creative build-your-own-tree projects sound so much fun! I also just love the idea of the 100 presents, and can identify with the need to consume one of the cans of 7-Up. He did well to restrict himself to just one. (And now I have to tell you a funny story, that my dad likes to tell. When 7-Up was new in our province, umpteen bazillion years ago, one of the men sitting in our small-town cafe said to another, "Have you tried that new Zup stuff?") 😉

  2. It's been ages and ages since I've had a Zup! And I remember going through the mall, looking at the decorations, saying, "We should build a tree like that next year!" I should have said that it was the seventies, so our trees were more Brady Bunch than Jetsonian.

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