Cupcakes and Cole Porter

Tomorrow there's a faculty meeting to go over revisions to the faculty bylaws, section by section. The only way to make that palatable is to have food, so I made cupcakes:

I am helpless before a rack of fancy cupcake wrappers. These have snowmen.


While making the cupcakes I listened to the soundtrack to De-lovely, the recent Cole Porter biopic:

Various Artists

Someday when Elvis Costello sings "Let's Misbehave" I'd like the chance to say "Ummm…okay," but I don't think that will happen.

After Cole Porter I betrayed my age with this:

Found a cure for hunger yet? Black coffee and cigarettes!

I also made the chocolate layers for a cake I have to deliver Thursday, but more on that after I decorate it tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Cupcakes and Cole Porter

  1. Laurie says:

    You're a sucker for the cupcake wrappers, I'm a sucker for cupcake sprinkles. Yours look wonderful. I'm going to try a new recipe for gingerbread cupcakes this week.
    I'm looking forward to photos of your cake!

  2. Morgat says:

    Peppermint cupcakes. Wif cho'late on them. Oh my heavens to Betsy. (A friend's term.) Oh my oh my oh my (my own personal speechlessness).
    And Laurie's making gingerbread cupcakes??? Yum and yum yum.

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