Holiday countdown, day 13

The electric choir kids made me think of this–a few years back Mom and I went shopping the day after Christmas and when we went into a garden center we found a single lightup penguin marked down to $5. I said, "We should buy him and bring him home and call him Clyde!" and Mom thought that was so funny she actually did. We set him up in the back yard and after a couple of days he looked very dapper in a pillbox hat made of snow.

Unfortunately Dad was not as amused by Clyde as we were and lost little time finding him another home.


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2 Responses to Holiday countdown, day 13

  1. Morgat says:

    Oooh! I love pen-goo-ins!!! Sorry Clyde had to take up residence elsewhere… (Have you ever seen the claymation penguin Pingu?? He's great!)

  2. Now I have, thanks to google image–what long floppy armses!

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