Pictures from yesterday

I like this picture because it makes me look tall. The shoes are a great departure–my previous sneakers have been all white, with maybe a little grey trim if I couldn't find any without. My blood sugar numbers were bloody high at my last doctor's visit, so I have to start walking half an hour a day, and something more supportive than penny loafers was called for.

If I haven't been able to take a real walk I've been marching through the house for half an hour, in place while my show is on, around the living room during commercials. This makes Sukey quite nervous. She watches from a safe distance with her ears dialed to "what th–?"


This camellia bush is next to the garage. There is no way to see it from inside the house, at least without an angled spy telescope.

The day was overcast but it wasn't really Revelation-dramatic.

This cat was very friendly, and so pretty! He had just a glow of marmelade on his head and tail.

When my half hour was up I let the girls out into the back yard for a bit:

This is their point/counterpoint picture set–what was that Jane Curtin/Dan Ackroyd bit from weekend update?


"Sally, you ignorant–" "DON'T EVEN GO THERE, BABY KITTY."

I planted this camellia in my back yard just after I moved in:

Yay! It's not dead yet. Anything I planted this spring was killed by the drought.

It's my big baking week for the holidays. It did not start well:

I used dark pans without turning the oven down 25F, and when I put it my oven thermometer it said it was running hot too. The second try worked better:

Light aluminum pan, correct oven temp, and I didn't split the batter between two pans. This is for a friend's graduation party–her son is graduating, but she's entitled to celebrate too. Part of the cake is going to look like a soccer ball:

Pans, greased and flouredCake in pansChocolate cake

I have some conical molds that look more like bosoms, but that's close enough. The rest of the chocolate pound cake batter will be going to my department's holiday party tomorrow, but I don't have those pictures downloaded yet. After the cake I made two batches of the coal cookies for a cookie exchange on Saturday–I would skip it, with the blood sugar thing and all, but I've committed to going. I'm sure I can give all those cookies away…

And so to bed:

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One Response to Pictures from yesterday

  1. Lauri says:

    There's nothing like a great pair of walking shoes! My favorites are Merrells.Love love love 'em!!! Happy walking!!!

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