Big baking weekend

Today was our department holiday party. Is this a low-key Christmas for anybody else? I'm not complaining, mind you, but it just seems like the Spirit of the Season is tired and wants its slippers and cocoa. Which is not to say it was a bad party, just a little quiet…I mean, we are talking about a lunch hour potluck in a library, but quieter than usual.

This was the dessert I brought:

It tasted good, but I've brought more elaborate cakes in the past:

I walked this one up from the parking deck covered only in saran wrap. Many people smiled at me.

I did have a party favor to give out:

GIL is our library catalog, GALILEO the database collection.

What I gave in the Secret Santa game:

I don't really approve of canned frosting, though.

Tomorrow I have a cake for a friend's son's graduation party. He's a soccer coach.






Red can be a tricky color to work with (besides the cherry-red-mouth thing) so I sprayed the cake with Wilton spray instead of coloring the frosting:


I actually like the way the piping came out here, but…

I think I need to emphasize the carnage a little more.

I think I'm pretty much done for the year now. Scary baking note–I bought this can of Crisco two weeks ago:

Time to start the Christmas shopping…

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7 Responses to Big baking weekend

  1. J says:

    Your cakes look delish and very creative!!

  2. Laurie says:

    You must be the hit of any of these gatherings. They must wait with bated breath to see what kind of wonderful cake you've brought this year.

  3. I'm having a Warner Bros. moment with that image–teeth falling out plink plink plink! I'm glad the pictures make you want to bake!

  4. snoringKatZ says:

    Peg, you are marvelously talented! I love seeing what you can do with cake (and imagining mmmmm…. afterwards!)

  5. Katiebell says:

    I was thinking that first cake looked so fancy and wonderful so I was shocked to read you had brought more elaborate ones!!! Wowee! All very nice!

  6. Brown Suga' says:


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