Weekend pictures

Yesterday was the cookie exchange and my friend's son's graduation party. Here are my cookies packed to go:

Bringing the recipe is part of the exchange:

The picture of Santa and Rudolf came from here. White Lily flour has a lot less protein than the flours the recipe recommended, but the cookies came out beautifully, if less chewy. The woman I was sitting next to at the exchange had a crumb go down the wrong way while she was eating my cookie and coughed till her eyes watered but she finished it anyway so it must have tasted pretty good.

Here's the cake, now with enhanced carnage:

Everybody seemed to like it, and wanted to know how the ball was made.


The graduating kid and his friends ate in the dining room, and the adults ate at the card table in the living room. They're very nice kids–I met the boy and his sister when they were twelve and ten, and now they're all grown up 'n stuff (sniff).

Tonight I helped K decorate her tree. She wouldn't let me put the ornaments with bells on the bottom branches.


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2 Responses to Weekend pictures

  1. Brown Suga' says:

    I LOVE that football cake and the coal cookies! And your pets are so cute too.

  2. Morgat says:

    Fantabulous post! Love the pics of the kittehs and the ormanents. I especially love that at the soccer-cake dinner, the kids sat at the grown-ups' table, and the grown-ups sat at the kids' table. Perfect.

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