Holiday countdown, day 19

Today I've been working on my Christmas cards, so for today's countdown, I'm sending it to you all as well:

–thank you for being such a wonderful neighborhood

–thank you for welcoming me in

–2007 has had its rough patches, but I hope 2008 is a bright and shiny new year for everyone!


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4 Responses to Holiday countdown, day 19

  1. Aubrey says:

    Peg, I've finished my card and I have you to thank! I'll be posting it soon!

  2. Glad to help (whatever I did!) I hope you post it–I love your artwork!

  3. YGRS says:

    Hello!My work has been totally crazy the past couple of weeks, so I'm just NOW getting around to reading my "old" emails and posts. I just saw where you have added me to your 'hood, and since I've seen you in everybody else's 'hoods for quite awhile now, I'm gladly adding you to mine.Have a happy holiday season, Peg.I hope 2008 is a wonderful year for you and those close to your heart.&:o)(( huggs! ))

  4. Hey! Thanks for adding me to your hood too! Happy holidays!

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