Song of the Mold-a-Rama

I love these things:

It's an injection mold that operates on your command. For the low low sum of eight quarters, the two halves of the mold will come together before your very eyes…

…fill with plastic, and part again after a few anxious moments. A little knife comes from the back of the machine and pushes your finely crafted, still warm souvenir into a drawer where it waits for you to pluck it forth and take it home.

…but what if you spent your eight quarters on a seal or alligator at the first concession stand then found this lovely creature at the back of the zoo? You have to choose carefully!

Unfortunately I didn't have eight quarters on me when we visited the zoo, so no Mold-a-Rama for me this trip. Good to see them, though.


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One Response to Song of the Mold-a-Rama

  1. Lauri says:

    Omg I remember how much fun we had with these wonderful things!
    Dang, I don't think I still have ANY of mine! ….wait…I'll bet my MOM does! LOL!

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