Sunday photos

After a week of temps in the low 40s (I had to break out my twice-a-year heavy coat) today was in the high sixties, and tomorrow will be in the 70s (which means all the trees will bud then die in a big February freeze, like last year).

This little critter was outside. Sukey was quite excited, but only looked, didn't touch. I think she found another one in a lawn chair leaning against the house (that's where they live) but I only saw an unmoving bit of tail that could have been a leaf stem.

I was happy to see him, except it's too early in the year for him to be out, until he got too close to the back door.

The camellias died in the cold, but they're still pretty, like they're made of crepe paper:


And now for some beauty pictures of Sally:



I wonder if it's genetic, that she can curl her tongue that way:

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3 Responses to Sunday photos

  1. pyrl says:

    Chameleons and Camelias! Wait that's a common lizard. Yes it was too chilly. Lizzy is impatient for spring. Ha. Camelias! They are huge. I wondered what those big flowers were as I peered out the airplane window, flying over your house Sunday. And after seeing Sally's pics I know why the pilot turned on the 'fasten seat belt' sign. Woo!

  2. Hi Pyrit! Welcome back! When you flew over did you see the secret message I spelled out in rocks in the back yard?

  3. pyrl says:

    Ho! Peg, with the witty comeback! You quipster you. You bonnie motter. Why sure I saw your back yard rocks, sure! Bot aye vill nawt tell teh theekrit metthage – shhhh. Not a soul.

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