Caturday project

It's my friend Kelly's birthday today so we're going to a new Mexican restaurant no one quite remembers the name of with her family for dinner. I thought I'd make red velvet cupcakes in my sweetheart rose pan (another fine Nordicware product), fill them with cream cheese icing, glaze them, and add some leaves on the side.

It should only be a small party, which is good, because only seven came out like this:


The rest came out like meatballs:

I need a new glaze recipe. I have some regular cupcakes for backup–they're a little Valentine-y but I don't think anyone will mind:

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14 Responses to Caturday project

  1. Morgat says:

    Those roses are teh gorgeous! Plus they sound delish! (And the meatball ones will taste good, anyway, and you can eat 'em at home.)

  2. little miao says:

    wow, those roses are beautiful! Mmmmm….

  3. Laurie says:

    Filled with cream cheese icing? Sounds divine. And I love the idea of a sweetheart rose pan.

  4. jaypo says:

    These are so pretty! Edible roses…

  5. snoringKatZ says:

    MMmmm! Meatballs!Peg, even your biggest flops come out better than my best efforts. I'll eat 'em!!!

  6. Thanks! I ate one last night (cook's treat!) and the cake was num but the filling didn't go as far in as I wanted…still tasty though.

  7. Thanks! The pan is here but I think you can get it from Amazon cheaper.

  8. Lurkertype says:

    Peg, how is it you do not weigh a million billion pounds?? I'd be the size of your kittehs (proportionally) if I baked like you do.I wish I lived close enough to help clean up the "failures".

  9. pyrl says:

    Why, they are fit for a queen! They even have Elizabethan ruffs!

  10. Well, I do shop in the women's dept., but since I had a bad blood-sugar number at my last doctor's appointment I've been trying to limit carbs and exercise more, so my clothes are looser but that's all I can say since I don't want to jinx anything (Morgat's much more disciplined!). I'm posting pictures from my entire baking career, thanks flickr!, so I'm not doing this every week, and I usually bake to give or sell to other people, so you can't really whack off a slice of cake to snack on if you're going to do that. I try very hard to keep the leftovers from coming home with me, especially if we're talking about chocolate chip cookies and lemon pound cake, which I can't be trusted with. If all goes well I might get just a slice of a cake, which isn't too bad, really…[shifty eyes]. So what do you need most for baking? Hungry coworkers!

  11. Thanks! They were made for a queenly person, so that's all good!

  12. Brown Suga' says:

    They look SCRUMPTIOUS.

  13. Laurie says:

    Do you fill them after baking? And how do you do it? (I just told my mom about these on my visit this weekend and her eyes lit up. I think I know what I'm bringing for Mother's Day this year.)

  14. Her eyes lit up! That's a command performance for sure! Yes, they're filled after baking–all you really need to do is put your filling in a piping bag with a round tip, stick the tip into the cake, and squeeze the bag until the cupcake is full. I used the red velvet cupcake recipe from Hey There, Cupcake! by Clare Crespo. Let me know how yours come out!

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