The rest of today

I tried to get a "cat looks at self on CO" shot but Sally was having none of it:

Sukey seems to be doing okay but would be happy to submit a photo for CO consideration:

This afternoon was the first home gymnastics meet, Georgia vs. LSU. It was the "Pink Out" meet, in honor of breast cancer research.

There were a couple of fans last year who painted themselves to match the team's leotards, so I'm wondering if we'll be seeing these boys on the jumbotron at the next meet.

The coach was dressed quite nicely today, I thought. I'm not sure if you can see it in this picture but her four-inch heels are pink. There's also a pink ribbon across the chest of the gymnasts' uniforms–they have a new leotard for every home meet.

There tends to be a good bit of hoopla at the meets, with performances by the Dance Dawgs:

And fireworks as the team comes in the stadium:

I'd like to go to an away meet some time, just to see if other schools have all this fooferaw.


When their names are called the gymnasts do a very precise up-on-the-toes-wave-right-wave-left. Other teams aren't nearly so uniformly perky. During the preview I went to a couple of weeks ago the coach said that before meets the girls like to rest in their hotel rooms reading books of inspirational quotations.

During the meet we were wondering who first looked at the beam and said, "Flipping a somersault on a surface that's four inches wide! that sounds like a great idea!"

There are at least two veterans of past Olympics on the team, but I haven't heard if anyone is going to Beijing. One of my friends pointed out that unlike in other college sports, where the athletes could continue in their sports for a few years yet, these girls are pretty much at the end of their careers.

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2 Responses to The rest of today

  1. Morgat says:

    That is one Floofy Tail! (Had to be capitalized. It just had to.) (Sally will, no doubt, turn on the computer in the middle of the night to check out her pic. But it would be playing traitor to the blase (accent on that e) cat code to get excited about it in front of someone…)
    I wonder who did first think that doing gymnastics on a 4-inch wide post suspended above the ground, would be a Good Thing. And why. There are a lot of things in this life that are just plain puzzling when you stop to think about them…

  2. Lauri says:

    Heehee about Sally refusing to cooperate! Typical catster!
    That tail has to win some sort of floofiness award! Yay, Sukey!!!
    It's SO interesting to read about the gymnastics! What a great talent and what a lot of fun to watch!

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