Flickr go zoom!

What happens when your kitty is posted on CO:

It looks like a good number of people took time to spin through all 235 photos in my 'Oh the Cats' set too–not many commenters, and just a couple of favoriters, but pictures that had no views on Friday have 30 or 40 or 50 today. Sally's CO post had about 65 comments, and everyone was so nice! Thank you!

My most viewed photos:

In the right-hand column, note that Sally's CO picture blew away the previously most-viewed:

This is an up-and-coming contender, with 235 views:

In the left column, you can see this is today's most viewed:

So this is weird–while I was at work today my friend Amy came running over and said "You internet maven! Your photo's on Deadspin! It's like Gawker for sports!"

Amy knows from sports, so if she says it's big, I believe her, although it's a bit strange to have one of your pictures commented on by Turd Ferguson and Beer Fart and their friends. My favorite comment was "I think someone put a red sock in the water supply in Georgia." A couple of people pointed out the woman picking her nose in the background, and I learned a new word: mooseknuckle, which has to do with the fit of the Speedo, compared to the cameltoe of the white shorts. And they did link to an article about the Pink Out, so good on them.

I didn't draw on the big yellow arrow, though–it's hardly necessary, the eye just travels where it needs to go… Apparently Deadspin got the photo from these yahoos:

You have say to "yahoos" with a long A to make it come out right. As of right now this photo has had over 350 views. I'm not attributed (my permissions are set to "whatever," so, whatever), and the link back to my flickr site isn't obvious, so I'm not sure how people are getting there, but no one's left any frat-boy comments. I can't imagine what they're thinking, going from manly sports-o-rama to a maiden-auntish album full of cats and cakes!

Do you want to see how far your flickr pictures have traveled? Try searching your flickr DNA.

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3 Responses to Flickr go zoom!

  1. AmyH says:

    I saw your kitty and gave an extra SQUEE because she's yours! I know someone famooose!
    The pink out guys are teh bomb. HAHAHA!

  2. pyrl says:

    Peg you are such a clever writer. I really, really enjoyed reading this. Your observations, timing, turn of phrases and wit are perfect.

  3. Thank you! Writing's easier if you don't have to worry about characters or a plot or a conclusion or anything, but it's fun if you have a nice audience 🙂 .

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