Memorial Hall

I kept meaning to post about this building, and yesterday I had a chance to walk past it during the day with a camera in my hand. Memorial Hall is one of the first buildings on campus to cost over a million dollars (in 1920s money) and it commemorates veterans of World War I with names of battles on its…I was going to say pediments, but would that be something to do with feet? Under its eaves, anyway.



This is how it looked when it opened:

The area around it's been built up a bit–that's the football stadium, behind it:

It was built with a ballroom, so it's always had a social function, and there's a lovely balcony running across the back that's hidden by a later addition to the building. If you were to go through the front doors, you could go to the faculty cafeteria; if you were to go through the back doors, you could go to a computer lab, the Greek Life office, the Department of Intercultural Affairs (serving international and African American students), the LGBT Resource Center, and the student radio station.

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5 Responses to Memorial Hall

  1. jaypo says:

    It's a lovely, gracious pediment, Peg. Our old library on campus looks very similar, same time period. I call it Classic Academic.

  2. Pediment! Thanks! It's so nice to have help from smart people.
    I once thought Lillian Hellman's autobiography Pentimento was named for those red things stuffed in olives, which made sense because she and Dashiell Hammett drank a lot…somewhere there is a joke to be made about a pentimento-cheese sandwich, but I'm not finding it yet.

  3. jaypo says:

    Pentimento was named for those red things stuffed in olives,LOL, Peg! It surely calls that to mind for me too! The other one is peccadillo, which means a petty annoyance or misdeed. Sounds too much like picadillo, a Cuban hash and favorite of mine, every time I talk about annoyances.

  4. Amy says:

    I've danced in the ballroom of Memorial Hall.

  5. I think I was there for an International Coffee, I mean a coffee hour given by international students, once, but I just remember a room with a balcony that was rehabbed down to plain white walls. Is that right or am I thinking of something else?

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