Mom and Dad are full of win

They sent me the package early because they were going to be out of town and they know mail delivery here can't be counted on. They kept telling me "Don't expect much" so I was expecting something like a bobblehead giveaway from a minor league baseball game and a souvenir dishtowel.

Of course any box is a present to Sukey too:

Hi Sukey!

Anyway, this is what they sent:

It goes with my Beast collection:

Belle is on a lot of stuff, since she's one of the Disney Princesses, but the Beast is hard to find. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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2 Responses to Mom and Dad are full of win

  1. Brown Suga' says:


  2. Morgat says:

    What Suga' said. Me too, please.
    (Nice present, by the way.)

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