I know it’s Caturday…

…but I have to go to work anyway.

Would you like me to pick you up anything on the way home? Remorseful Crunchy Treets to sweeten your recriminations, perhaps?

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7 Responses to I know it’s Caturday…

  1. Morgat says:

    Remorseful Crunchy Treets would be a good start. How 'bout an empty box or two (not that we're asking you to enable our habit, or anything, we can quit anytime we want to). Some high-end gooshy food, and a couple of new toys…
    Let's talk. We can work something out. It won't mean that we won't play Sulky Sukey and Sally when you come back, but bribery can only sweeten things, and make things better for you in the long run.
    Teh Cats.

  2. TreeSweater says:

    Of course, if they're typical cats, when you get home it'll be more like "Oh, you were out? I didn't notice. I was busy snoozing."

  3. "Signed, Teh Cats.PS: The presnet in the middle of your bed is for you. Sally feels much better now."

  4. Morgat says:


  5. Aubrey says:

    Dear Ms. Peg:
    We, as your cats of record, would like to put forward the following statement, to wit: we did not miss you on Caturday. You are a human. We are cats. The procedure of missing another animate being is not cat behavior, and we are ashamed that you would assume us capable of such sloppy sentimentality.
    There has been serious concern, regarding the serving of food (i.e. gooshy/crunchy, the brands to be agreed upon at a later date). Therefore, we are including a contract that would bind us to unlimited food privileges should the occasion of your absence on 'Caturday' (sic) arise once more. The two paw-prints indicate our prior agreement.
    Yours sincerely, etc.
    Sally and Sukey

  6. Oh my goodness they have been calling me "Puppy"…

  7. Oh, my. Cats. They speak so eloquently, don't they?

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