Reading other people’s letters, etc. (lots of etc.)

This came out earlier this year, to rave reviews:

I had to order this from another library, and while waiting for it I've been reading his diary, which has been quite unsatisfactory because most of the entries (so far–later ones look longer) have been along the lines of "Binky and the Earl to tea. Notices bloody. I shall rise above, as always. Weather continues fine." In the first 25 pages or so the letters have been better, especially since they've been edited to provide a story line, but I've already run into a conundrum where in his diary NC has been spitting and contemptuous of an old friend's religious beliefs, yet simultaneously, in the letters, able to be charming and witty to her on the same topic.

Quite by accident I ran across this:

Valeria Belletti was secretary to Samuel Goldwyn for five years, and this is a collection of letters she wrote to a friend back in New York. So far, so charming.

Tomorrow, or maybe Thursday, these should be coming from Barnes & Noble:

The Hansens' first book, The Whimsical Bakehouse, is the best cake decorating book I have.

Somewhere back in the mists of time in response to a QOTD I wrote about my favorite writer, my friend Beverly Connor. This is her newest book:

 I didn't write much about the writing conference I put on last summer, because while I was doing it I didn't have time to be here, and afterwards I wanted to get beyond it as quickly as possible. This was my experience:

Andy Hardy: You say you want to put on a show? And you'll all help, right, kids?

Kids: [unison] Yeah!

Andy Hardy: Okay! Who wants to help me with the web page?

[Sound of crickets]

Andy Hardy: Okay…Did you see the web page I put up?

Kids: [unison] IT STINKS!

I did have help, but it was a really bad year, even though the conference came out well. Up until Christmas I would have told you the most I got out of it was a calzone and a beer at an after-conference dinner, but with my Christmas cards I got a gift card from B&N from someone who'd picked up one of our presenters at the airport, to thank me for seeing she got mileage for the trip, and I used the card to pay for these books.

It sounds like the woman planning the 2008 conference is having the same experience. I resigned from everything after the 2007 conference (I said I would before taking on the job) but I'm managing the conference web site for her, and since I'm not doing every other darned thing I've been able to put up a blog for writing news, conference announcements, etc. I've added a link in my profile, but with only four entries it's not very exciting right now.

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4 Responses to Reading other people’s letters, etc. (lots of etc.)

  1. Aubrey says:

    The Letters of Noel Coward sounds rather delicious. And while we're on the subject of letters, might I recommend this to you?
    And as for your conundrum, I think NC was a person best listened to, rather than spoken to!

  2. Oooh! My library, it has it. Them. That book.
    The secretary's letters made me think of the lovely lady you just posted–they're the same era, but I don't think Valeria was quite so dangerous.

  3. snoringKatZ says:

    I would have helped you, Peg. I actually enjoy doing stuff like that but mostly because I never expect anyone to do anything except complain. 😉 Next time, I'm your mule!Wonderful adventures in book-mania, too!

  4. Thanks, hon, I coulda used you and even Skippy a few times! My 2007 was a picnic compared to yours, though!

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