More gymnastics: Georgia vs. Kentucky

Kentucky didn't give them much of a match–Georgia won by three points, a blowout when you're counting 10ths of a point–but the Gym Dogs were on their game today, with more than one girl hitting career highs in their events.

Pregame started with performances by a community gymnastics troupe–the Gymtastics or something like that, junior and senior divisions.


The senior division routine was a bit more organized, but it was done to music sung by hamsters–no, really, I think it was the soundtrack to one of those endless hamster animations going around the internets a few years back. All in all it still seemed like an entertainment that would be very popular in Europe.

Then there were the Dance Dawgs, wearing athletic jackets and halter tops:

Then there was the handstand contest, presided over by Hairy Dawg:

It was a sellout crowd, but the stands weren't full, like a lot of the season ticket holders figured it wouldn't be a good meet and stayed away. The crazy fans weren't crazy this week either:

And even the coach was reasonably dressed:

She's still on the souvenir cup, though:

The Wildcats had a bad start on the bars (their first gymnast slipped from the top bar and landed flat on her stomach, but she got up and finished her routine–she deserved a point for that, but that's not how the judging works) and never recovered, but their floor routines were a lot of fun–some teams have music that sounds like someone fed cassettes into a woodchipper then glued the scraps of tape together, but Kentucky had good music, tending to the Russians, and good choreography, even if their tumbling runs weren't as difficult.

One of the best gymnasts is Courtney McCool, a silver medalist from the Athens Olympics. She usually does beam and floor, though today she did an exhibition on the bars too. She's not the first name that would come up when counting crowd favorites, but she's always great, always solid, always delivers, good for at least one 9.9 every meet.

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