Caturday excitement

I was supposed to meet my friend Carla for a movie today but just when I got to the theater my cell phone went off with a message from the campus emergency notification service saying a tornado had been spotted in the county and it wasn't a drill! So I sped home, keeping an eye on the skies, and put the girls with their food and litter into the bathroom with no windows, figuring I could pop in when necessary but wrangling them in a hurry might be problematic.

Sukey was not amused:

In the end, the big storms that rolled through Atlanta went south of us, so we only had about five minutes of hard rain.


I let the girls out when the tornado warning was called off.

After all that excitement I had to go to the last gymnastics meet of the season, versus UCLA. I expected it to be the most competitive meet of the year, and the Gym Dogs actually lost their last meet, against Michigan, last week.

I thought this meet's leotard was sleeveless, but that was just what they were wearing before the meet started:

The gymnast who's sitting, with the cast, is Courtney Kupets, the biggest of the Gym Dogs' big guns. Her Achilles tendon snapped at the last home meet (I'm glad I missed it), and she's out for the season. From what I read in the paper, though, she's taken it like a trouper, finding ways to stay involved with the team.

The scrum behind the girls is a crowd of alumni gymnasts, who were introduced before the meet. The preshow included tiny gymnasts whose mothers were Gym Dogs:

This little one was not actually tumbling before she could walk but it was close.

The actual meet leotards were all shiny:

I couldn't help thinking of the MST3K line "You can see your face in her butt!" Because I'm bad.

The coach was looking nice today:

Her shirt was some kind of microfiber, though, with just enough texture to show chalk handprints on her back after she'd been hugged a few times. The team hugs a lot.

UCLA started with a pretty disastrous round on the beam, and never quite caught up, though they only lost by a point. They have the best floor exercises I've seen, dancing-wise, though their tumbling runs weren't quite as hard. For the Gym Dogs, crowd favorite Grace Taylor got a 9.75 on the beam–it's amazing how the whole crowd catches their breath when somebody's really hitting it–but reliable Courtney McCool nearly fell off (it's bad form to make "Wah…wah…wah…" noises when someone's flailing their arms); on the floor, Grace got the lowest score, 9.8, and Courtney came back with a 10. The bad part of that was that the score was announced when a UCLA player was on the beam and the screaming knocked her to the mat. It was only an exhibition, fortunately, not counted for scoring, but if flash photography's considered too distracting, why don't the judges hold their scores until everybody's off the equipment?

So that was my day (there was some laundry, too, and the Car Guys, but that's even more of a zzz). And so to bed:

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7 Responses to Caturday excitement

  1. Lauri says:

    It's lots of fun to read about the meets, since I have never been to one!
    I am also glad that the storm bypassed you and the girls! They don't really appreciate our attempts to keep them safe, do they? 😉
    But, it's all for thier own good!

  2. Morgat says:

    I, too, am glad the storm passed you by. Eeek. Loved the video!
    The nasgymnics is good too. Despite the not winning part.
    (and wow, Sally can yawn BIG!!!!)

  3. Lurkertype says:

    You should be glad you don't live with TK.Well, for many reasons, but one being that if he's shut away, he does this with his paws, only much faster and louder, plus YOWWWWWL.

  4. Aubrey says:

    What MST3K movie was that line from – I don't recall it. And I thought I knew them all!
    I loved The Paw of Liberation.
    You guys stay safe!

  5. I don't remember which movie–the woman was wearing a lame (la-may, I mean) cocktail pantsuit, and it was probably from the Sci Fi channel era, but I've seen lots on DVD…Mike was the host. I think.
    The MST3K line that p0wned me was "It's Gidget Meets Magritte!" (a guy with a bowler hat was walking on a beach) but I don't remember what show that was from either.
    Hig 60s and sunny today, so all's well!

  6. They were okay once I let them out, just a little confused. And skeptical.
    The head coach for Michigan State gymnastics, Kathie Klages, was one of the "big girls" when I was taking dance lessons from Miss Eloise when I was in elementary school, and her father was the pastor of our church.

  7. Lauri says:

    Oh, man, MST3K is sooooooo funny. One of my favorites (and I don't know too many) was when a bunch of nightcrawlers (yes, the worms) were advancing on a group of kids who were on a dock. The nightcrawlers' line was "In 30 minutes, we attack!" Teeheee. Wow, a lot of bad storms on the news last night.

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