Hooray! More fuzzy sports photos!

Today: Roller derby!

Athens has a team. Today was the season opener.

I haven't been in a skating rink in a while. Our seats were on the edge of the rink, the "suicide seats", not because you were sitting on a ledge covered in slightly damp and sticky carpeting dating from the late seventies, but because a roller girl could land on you. A group of boys on one of the turns held up signs saying "Fall here!" with arrows that pointed to their laps (I don't think they had properly considered the consequences of having a padded and helmeted female body landing at speed on their private manly parts. Perhaps they hadn't studied physics in high school).

There were plenty of spills and thrills, but only one injury, a dislocated shoulder, and that roller girl was back on the track by the end of the meet. They were prepared for the worst, though:

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