Secret Shoes

So next Friday I'm going to Six Flags with people who have a strict NO WIMPS rule on roller coasters ("Librarian Dies of Fright on Batman: The Ride (unfortunately not Batman: The George Clooney). Film at eleven.") so I decided I needed comfy walking shoes, and those shoe/sandal things all the kids are wearing seemed like a good idea because, you know, there are log flumes (yay!) and my feet could get wet and stuff. So I went to a clothing/sports stuff store and tried on the Keen sandals and the nice girl waiting on me said there was a deeply discounted pair in the back room because the color was kind of bright:

I love the color. They're quite comfortable, too, though maybe a little sweaty on the rubber soles. I wore them on my walk this afternoon:

And out in the back yard with the girls:

Sally rolled on the patio, in the oak flowers and other detritus:

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3 Responses to Secret Shoes

  1. Annie says:

    LOL well the purple sandals really are awesome and probably quit comfy too. and the walk and the cats… the purrfect end to the day.

  2. Artzy Lady says:

    What pretty
    And cute shoes, though I'm a fan of crocs because the are the most comfortable thing on earth, a good price and not completely horrible to look at.
    *sneezes again!*
    Now I must go find my Zyrtec. šŸ™‚

  3. Lurkertype says:

    (unfortunately not Batman: The George Clooney)I wouldn't die of fright there — other things, but not fright. (he's still my fav. Bruce Wayne as opposed to Batman)Love the girls but am glad my nose is nowhere near them.

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