PROJECT: that's what the guy I sort of semi-dated in college called a task that seemed simple on its face but blossomed into hundreds of steps and thousands of details and five calls to the help line…I believe that in his case a chemically-induced superfocus might have been involved but you know what I mean.

So Amy says, I'm having a Clue themed party for Elizabeth. Will you make cupcakes? I say yes, and maybe I can put the little cards on them. And Amy says, Oh! You can make Elizabeth into Miss Scarlett! with Knitting! in the Library!

So it evolved from cupcakes into the whole damned game, which was more than Amy expected but I said You know how I get, and she said Yeah:

Elizabeth knits a lot.

The bad part was that I ended up standing by the table where the game was laid out so when people said they liked it I looked like I was being its Vanna White, showing it off. I pointed out the uneven edge and the room that didn't get labelled but Elizabeth liked it anyway.

These were the cupcakes:

The outlines are made out of chocolate and the red is diluted frosting. The divot in the top cupcake is where I dropped my camera, missing the lens by a whisker.

 Yay for parties during strawberry season! I forgot to bring birthday candles, so in the upper right corner you can see where someone spelled out Elizabeth's age in binary, with votives and Hershey kisses. 

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7 Responses to Clue Party: PRAAAWJECT!

  1. IG says:

    These look fantastic. The game is incredible, wow, but those cupcakes really have me droooooling. That's some serious honest to gawd buttercream! And ohhh, strawberries… *faints*

  2. snoringKatZ says:

    Did you know that most of your posts cause me to gain weight? Not that I mind…Beautiful job as always, Ms. Peg!

  3. IG says:

    I just came back to look at the cupcakes again. I love the blood spatter.

  4. Thanks! Tasty if not in good taste 🙂 .

  5. Thank you! You don't want to know that I brought the cream cheese/marshmallow fluff fruit dip too, then? And drizzled the bowl with the leftover chocolate?

  6. snoringKatZ says:

    It's totally worth the sugar coma. Every virtual morsel!

  7. Lauri says:

    ***drool*** to ALL of it! Cupcakes and fruit dip and strawberries!!!How FUN! 😀

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