The Story of Sukey

This is how I got Sukey: about six years ago, back when I was living in an apartment, I asked the manager what I'd have to do to get a second cat (I already had Sally), and she said, Well, there's a kitty living in the maintenance shed that one of our guys needs to find a home for, and if you'll take her we'll waive the pet deposit. She said that the maintenance guy, John, had to take the kitty away from his mother and that the kitty was about three months old. I didn't ask for details on the take away part.

"Maintenance shed" sounds bad, but it looked like an old pool/clubhouse, so it was quite large, if cluttered with busted furniture and air conditioner parts and stuff. I don't remember that we spent a lot of time looking for her, but the poor baby smelled like she'd been sleeping in her litter box. So did the stuffed toy John had given her, which is why he's now called Stinky Dog.

Sukey still has Stinky Dog. I think he might actually be a bear, because he has round ears. He has a brown circle on his flank where Sukey nurses.

John said his mother had called her "Sneaky Sue" which I didn't like, and she's certainly not at all sneaky, so I picked Sukey for a name in case the kitty could recognize the syllables (no evidence of that so far), and Tawdry seemed a natural follower for that, though some years later I saw it spelled Suky on the official Kurt Weill website. John asked about her name and seemed disappointed that I'd changed it.

I gave Sukey a bath, and I gave Stinky a bath too. I probably didn't keep Sukey and Sally separated long enough, but it was a one-bedroom apartment. Sally takes everything in stride, pretty much, but there was one point where she sat herself in the bedroom doorway and stuck out her paws to keep Sukey from going through. I said I hope you're playing.

I took Sukey to the vet right away, and he said she was in good health, but she was about six months old and ought to be spayed right away. The vet also said she'd probably stay small, no more than 10lbs, and wrote "sweet kitty" on her file. When she got spayed, when she was on pain meds, she was the loooovinest kitty ever. It was the only time I've heard her purr.

Sally took the brunt of Sukey's growing up years, because Sukey wanted to play, and Sally was pretty much over it. Sukey had to go into time out a lot. She'd chase the flooper (stick + string + feathers) until she'd fall down exhausted and dizzy, with her pink nose all red.

At her next vet appointment Sukey was a proud and lean 12 lbs, 36 inches from paw to paw when she stretched out, and floofy.

She was also…beside herself. At some point my Sukey left the building and Other Sukey, staring, hissing, pointy, scary Sukey, took her place. She has "fractious" on her permanent record now. We tried tranquilizers at her last appointment but it still took two techs with towels and welder's gloves to give her a shot.

When I moved Sukey was so upset she hid behind the toilet, shaking, until she got used to the new house. It didn't take long.

Her supervisory instincts also kicked in.

If you're doing something, she wants to know.

She's very wary of visitors. She always comes running to see you (she'll come fetch me if someone's coming up the sidewalk) but she stays out of arm's reach, and she doesn't like to be petted–I tell people to put down their hand and let her pet them. If you sit and cross your legs she will rub your shoe. If you get too much inside her space she will wap-wap-wap you with her paw, no claws, but firmly and with vigor. Some of my friends call her a psycho cat.


It's just Sukey Rules. If you're very favored, she will sit on the chair over your head.

She's not a lap kitty, but she will come sit near me when I'm watching TV or at the computer, and she's good about giving friendly head-butts as she passes by. She doesn't purr, but she does allow corporal cuddling and muzzlepoof smooches. Her place is at the foot of the bed, where she can chase feet. When I put down gooshy food for her she has to take a lap around the house before she can eat. She's not interested in human food, and she's just started to come towards me if I hold up the Treetz (if she doesn't come toward me I bring them to her. I'm a good cat slave.)


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4 Responses to The Story of Sukey

  1. Aubrey says:

    You never considered Miss Lotte Lenya?
    What a story – I never knew Sukey had such a past!

  2. Brown Suga' says:

    She's a beauty. What a sweet story.

  3. Maybe the next kitty will be Lotte Lenya, though Pirate Jenny would be cool, except I'd say Arrr! and Avast! at her a lot, and you know how cats hate that. At the time I was just looking for something that sounded like Sneaky Sue but suited me, I mean her, better.

  4. Thank you! She's a good kitty.

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