This morning’s projects

1. Giving Sally flea medicine

Flea medicine makes Sukey twitch, so she doesn't get any.

2. Flourless chocolate cupcakes, take 2

One of the people who tried the first batch of these called the texture "chocolate jello," which I just can't make sound good, so I added lots of toasted pecans to this batch.

3. Impatient baby cupcakes

These are for a baby shower at work this afternoon. Until 8:30am these cupcakes were going to be pink and blue, but that's when I got the email saying the boy arrived two weeks early–he and his mama are doing well, but we'll be eating cupcakes without them.

At the shower we were supposed to give them copies of our favorite children's books, and the animal crackers are to go with the bookplates:

Note there's just room for a signature, so no one has to come up with a thoughtful inscription (phew!)

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6 Responses to This morning’s projects

  1. Lauri says:

    FANtastic, Peg! You always inspire me SO much. I am giving my niece a wedding shower in June. Have you ever done wedding shower cupcakes? I think those might be something different and more fun than a cake, even. Hmmmm…..We are going to make a huge strawberry trifle, and have cake or cupcakes.

  2. arbed says:

    My mom is celiac so I know all about the gluten thing. There are plenty of other flours you can use. Rice flour is pretty popular, and mixes of different flours, too. Mom has made some tremendous recipes that you would never know didn't have the traditional white wheat flour in them. You're better off searching for a recipe that is specifically gluten-free as opposed to trying to adjust a current recipe, though, as conversions are difficult with the different flours.
    For a few of her birthdays, we've bought her a gluten-free cake which actually was more of a heavier, brownie consistency, and the icing was divine, although I don't know what they used (some brands of icing sugar are okay, others are not).

  3. Huge strawberry trifle oh my (fanfanfan). Yum!I haven't done cupcakes for a bridal shower but there's all kinds of fun things you could do–would topping them with a cocktail umbrella be too obvious? Does the shower have a theme? Do you want to do a little decorating or a lot?

  4. I haven't tried any of the flour blends–thanks for the reminder about the icing sugar, I hadn't thought of that, most use cornstarch, I think, as a stabilizer. This recipe was just chocolate, sugar, eggs, butter, and water, but I think next time I might try whipping the eggs separately to try to lighten things up a bit.

  5. Lauri says:

    Heee, I was thinking umbrellas, too. Is that too tacky? I have a great shop near here that I can check out for leetle embellishments for cupcakes. And my daughter mentioned that we could do cups of different colored sherbets…depending on theme and colors….we are still deciding on that! I would have to say I would want to do little to moderate decorating! My daughterinlaw does some awesome cake decorating but she is going to be out of town for this one! (darn it!)

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