A fun afternoon

…especially since I took half a day off to go see it. I love going to movies when the rest of the world is working like real adults.

One of the reviewers on rottentomatoes.com (they have pages of snippets, so I don't remember exactly who) said Ironman doesn't do anything new, but it does it extremely well, which I think is good way to put it. The dialogue was written by smart people, so if it's not deep at least it's shiny, and there were some good laughs. Please do not spend time wondering how Tony Stark's metal suit goes from extremely cool hologram tinkertoy to actual metal, whether he wears his shirt over or under the glowing thing on his chest, or what time-space rift allows him to fly from Malibu to Afghanistan and be back for dinner the same day. Gwyneth Paltrow spends most of the movie being loyal and true, but saves the day in the end. I'm not crazy about Robert Downey Jr.'s facial decoration, but I think Tony Stark had it in the comic. The US Air Force was clearly friendly to the filmmakers, but the movie did not make service look easy or glamorous. If there's a sequel it might be an even more interesting story since it could go beyond the origin stuff.

At the very very end of the movie, after the entire staff roster of Industrial Light & Magic rolls past in the credits, there's a little teaser scene that made all the boys in the audience, with one breath, say Aaawsummm, so remember to stay for that. 

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4 Responses to A fun afternoon

  1. IG says:

    Yaaaaaay! I was hoping to watch this tonight but we didn't get around to it — I can't wait to see it. Tomorrow I hope. I saw that it's 95% fresh on rottentomatoes — and another friend of mine just loved it today…plus the NYT review was practically a rave (considering). Wheeeee! What fun.

  2. I hope you get to see it! I think you could even go for a full price, not matinee ticket, with popcorn, and think it money well spent.

  3. pyrl says:

    My hopes are high for this. Thanks for your review. Good to know you liked it.The teaser at the end is called an Easter Egg, I believe. I love them.

  4. Lauri says:

    OH, I have been wanting to see this, too! Yay!!! Lol…I didn't know that little gem at the end is an "Easter Egg"! What a lovely bit of trivia!!! 😀

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