Caturday: Miscellaneous and silly

I'd write a six word biography for myself but I think Oh crap. Now what? I'm scared! has been taken. What about a six word description of your current state–biotwitter? twitterometer? Today I could go with Pledge drive too long shut up! followed by I'm a member, I can complain or Don't interrupt Myanmar story it's tacky or Lame! I gave you money anyway and Six weeks for thank you gift?

Yesterday my new cake pan arrived:

It's from the Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop, from the clearance rack, which made it affordable instead of laughable (twitterometer: Love pans, not rich or crazy). It's made by Hugo Braeuer, a German metalworking company, based on molds found in their historic shop, but no one knows whether the molds are for lamps or hubcaps. They make more designs but converted from Euros the prices are $40-50 US so I'm telling myself I don't need to collect them all, at least until the dollar improves (twitterometer: Collecting bug, bad economy, blame W).

I put Obunma on a t-shirt at cafepress. I'm not planning to buy one for myself, so please don't feel obliged, but I feel better for doing it.

Twitterometer: Get dressed go do something useful! and Beating joke to death, please stop!


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2 Responses to Caturday: Miscellaneous and silly

  1. Lurkertype says:

    LOVE the shirt.cute shirt, want it, no cash.

  2. Thanks for kind words, totally cool!

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