Great Moments in LOLiterature: MacBeth

"I can has dagger I c befor me? K thx."

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12 Responses to Great Moments in LOLiterature: MacBeth

  1. e2c says:

    [isto é bom]

  2. pyrl says:

    Shakespeare must have written about a bucket at some point. A walrus?

  3. Teho says:


  4. Teho says:

    Never could keep Hamlet and MacBeth straight. Ah well; I can has slashfic? ;P

  5. Morgat says:

    I fink teh dagger was Hamsterlet, and teh spot was Lady MacScottishFold.
    These LOLiterature posts are fantastic!!!

  6. Morgat says:

    Oops, I is rong rong rong. teh dagger was MacScottishFold, all right. teh spot was Lady MacScottishFold, and um, Hamsterlet was Yorikc, I knoweded him, Horatio.

  7. "Yorikc, you losted some weight, dood. Great cheekbonz, tho!"

  8. Morgat says:

    Ha ha ha ha hee hee hee! (I has posted a Lolspeare bukkit thingie, but it isn't clever like yours).

  9. e2c says:

    Macbeth steelz bukkit frum Dunkin MacLol…(U cud dew witchez seen in LOLspeak….)

  10. Lady MacBeth: Hamlet, kill the king!
    Hamlet: Should I? I dunno…I must think about it in iambic pentameter for a while…
    Lady MacBeth: AAARGH! [strangles Hamlet]
    Thee end.

  11. jaypo says:

    Hahahaaa!! Hahahaaahaahaha!! 2 B or nut 2 B mah bukkit?

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