Phew! the cake did not…

…slide off the car seat on the way to the restaurant. Not that that hasn't happened before.

People liked it. For all the complaining about the class in my last post about them, you could tell it was a warm, caring group. I'm guessing I'm the youngest in the group by at least five years, though, and the last people who joined before me joined two years ago, so I think they need to do some marketing. 

And thank you all for liking the LOLiterature! Now with pictures:

Gone wif teh Wind again, now with 68% less YodLOL (thx Teho). Also:

This is why I read chicklit:

Because literature is depressing! Although I would probably tell you All the King's Men was my favorite book. Is it so bad to want a happy ending? My first LOL today was LOLopera–"Butterfly, I take baby, K? Thx bai!"

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