Vox Hunt: A Work of Art

Show us your favorite painting.

One painting? How cruel!

This was the first painting I bought a reproduction of:

I think I was still young enough to be taking ballet lessons. As I got older my tastes grew more 20th century:

This painting is at the Art Institute of Chicago, where I had a Stendhal Syndrome meltdown in the Renaissance gallery while trying to see the whole of Western art in an afternoon.

When my parents took me to France this was the painting that said Okay, you're in Paris now:

Also I had my best lunch ever at this gallery, a cheese plate with a salad dressed in an extremely astringent vinaigrette.

This painting was good, too, for the pleasure of standing in front of it and saying I must have left the baby on the bus!

And this one is good, for the pleasure of saying I drank what?

I did a copy of it in charcoal when I was in college.

This is what I have on my bedroom wall now:

My happy place, or it would be if I could be sure of the mod cons.

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