Silver mysteries

It wasn't that good a cake, honest!

After the party Monday night the nice couple I made the bicycle cake for asked if I'd like a silver cake plate they didn't want to move. They brought it to me today at church and it was quite the bonus package:

But also:

The S. D. U. P.  doesn't match the cake plate but it fits inside it. It shows some light scratching on the surface, so it's been used, but the green felt on the back doesn't show any food stains.

So from the shape, I'd say you could put a cake on it (it's similar to the 10-inch cardboard rounds I buy for cake bases) but frosting gets everywhere, so the back of the disk would show it if it were used for that–the scratches aren't in a cake-slice-radial pattern, either. Would it be a silverplate trivet for hot dishes? Who on earth would make a silverplate trivet? I come from people who hailed Corelleware as the sign of a better, brighter world, so I don't know these things–do you know?

There was also a cake server and a knife:

The knife has little pointy things to make it stand off the table:

And an initial on the handle:

There was also a small serving dish. The girls pointed out that the divided dish is perfect for two cats' suppers, and the pedestal puts the food at a convenient height for browsing:

This treasure trove is in a flannel bag, and I have polishing cloths, so I don't fear tarnish. I have my grandmother's Rogers silverplate that she collected throughout my mother's childhood, including, most importantly, her silverplate sugar tongs that said for her I Have Arrived, so I have utensils that wouldn't shame this lovely stuff if no one minds eating off Fiestaware or Chinette.

Since bringing the cake I feel a lot more accepted by the class–a couple people have asked about my parents so they either feel comfortable enough to ask or interested enough to want to classify my people. I tend to stay pretty quiet though I did make everybody say ohhhhh… once on a comment about the Roman Empire and state religion. Either I feel more part of them for bringing them something or I've assumed a role, The Girl Who Bakes, which is fine–sometimes baking for people seems like praying for them (with a tastier amen).

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2 Responses to Silver mysteries

  1. Lauri says:

    Incredible, Peg!I have never seen a Disk of Unknown Purpose before! ;)But, everything sure is beautiful! I am not allowed to own silver. It gets too neglected. đŸ˜›

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