Cake 88% full of disas-tray

This was the fifth cake I've made for my friend Kelly's granddaughter Eris. This year they asked for an ice cream cake, with strawberry and vanilla layers, yellow cake, and cream cheese icing. I said, I've never made an ice cream cake before, and Eris's mother said, Oh, we like experiments.

I hope so.

I should add that yesterday it was 95-100F.


The theme was music/dance party. I started with making chocolate music notes:



Then I baked the yellow cake layers and molded the ice cream layers:

This cake required a severe editing of my freezer contents.

I had the semi-brilliant idea of freezing disks of icing for cake filling, so I could just plunk them between the layers instead of spending time spreading icing on rapidly melting ice cream:

 This actually worked pretty well, though I don't know how much it helped.


My house is air conditioned pretty efficiently but the ice cream still started to melt immediately.

At this point I had to go back to the store for more icing ingredients.

You can see the cake isn't in any sort of nice proportional shape. In retrospect I should have skipped the middle layer and not bothered to put icing between the ice cream and the cake. Maybe I shouldn't have used a whole quart of ice cream in each layer, too.

The last four cakes have been pink and purple so I figured it would work for this one, too:

It has a vanilla ice cream hernia in the back, so I left the truss on:

When Kelly came to get the cake I packed it in a box with some ice, carried it to her car, and told her to drive like the wind! I haven't heard anything about the party yet, but with frozen cake layers between all that ice cream I expect cutting it was an almighty squish.

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4 Responses to Cake 88% full of disas-tray

  1. IG says:

    Holy smokes. Peg, this is making me soooo hungry. Ok, I confess: I just ran to the fridge and reheated some leftover chocolate molten cake to eat for breakfast while I read this post. I am completely serious.Love the idea of the premade frozen ice cream disk layers. Very clever!And if I ever have any disposable income ever again, I am so calling you first thing to make me my favorite cake evar: artery-busting butter cake layered with fresh coconut buttercream and pineapple cream filling.

  2. Lauri says:

    Wow, it sure is beautiful!
    And…'s making me very hungry, too!
    Whoa….the coconut buttercream and pineapple sounds pretty awesome, too, IG!

  3. snoringKatZ says:

    That looks glorious! I'd eat it even if I had to use a straw. You are amazing πŸ™‚

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