Toesday and

Last night's project:

I was asked to make cupcakes to thank some people who helped with the movie room for parents bringing their kids through orientation. I tried to copy these, from a couple years back:

…but I didn't use the jujyfruits since they cement your teeth together.

Pa Tilling, the Curmudgeon of Tilling, is finished with the antibiotics and is tapering off the steroids, and sounds better when I talk to him on the phone–he had a coughing fit yesterday, though, just enough to make us worry about him going on a trip to Colorado with his railroad buddies today. Nothing like a trip to the top of Pike's Peak to test your lungs!

Tomorrow night: off to see the Izzard!

I'm going with two people who are friends of mine but not neccessarily friends of each other, so that should be interesting.

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4 Responses to Toesday and

  1. pyrl says:

    You're going to see Eddie Izzard. Be in the same room with him. Hear his voice live. (holds forehead, stares at Peg). I don't know anybody who has seen him live. Oh Peg. (cries a little) I could eat that man right up. Munch, munch. Deliciooous Eddie. Of course I love him for his beautiful mind. Could you make Eddie cupcakes? Please do post a review for us. I need to know what outfit he wore, shoes, nail color, eyeliner, all the glorious details. I love the way he bows. (faints)I hope the mountain air is good for Pa's lungs. Pneumonia is vewy skewy stuff. You know, there is a pneumonia vaccine, good for 10 years.Now how did you make that frosting look like popcorn?

  2. Cupcakes or death? A macho spicy chocolate in shiny foil cups with very very sparkly sprinkles?Yes, all going well I will hear his voice live and be in the same room with him and 2,750 of my closest friends (clappity clappity skip skip skip). I concur on his deeeliciousness. Recent pictures have him looking a bit more Regency buck-ish (I suppose spangles are hard to carry off after 40, alas) which is even more deeeeelicious.Do you think if we wish reallyreallyreally hard Eddie and Joss Whedon would work together on a project? The converging weight of two great brains might tip the world off its axis though.Nail color! Must remember to bring my binoculars to get all the details!I told Dad that invalids used to be sent to the mountains for their health and he just grumped a bit. His pneumonia came from an untreated sinus infection and cussedness so the vaccine prolly wouldn't have helped.To make the popcorn I squirted balls of icing with a medium-sized round tip and then added skirts and wings with a C-shaped tip (tip #81 if I remember right).The candy was Twizzlers, Raisinets, Junior Caramels, Sixlets, gummy bears, and Sourpatch Kids.

  3. Brown Suga' says:

    I'll take the cupcakes!

  4. pyrl says:

    "Cupcakes or death?" Bah ha ha ha ha!
    "The converging weight of two great brains…" I think you and Eddie working together might tip the world too!
    That was funny, Peg.

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