Knitting: ur doin it rong

I was having problems with a sock I was making for my dad's birthday, so I brought it to the local yarn shop for advice.

Notice the spiral pattern on the cuff–neither intended nor desirable. A nice young lady who was the utter personification of Hip Young Knitter took a look at it and said we need to knit together, which was a clue that the spiral was not going to go away with a little washing and blocking. She sat me down with a couple of needles and some sample yarn.


Apparently I've been twisting my stitches, ever since I started knitting, like, a year ago. Dad may get knitted socks next year.

My friend Amy has been talking about finding some kind of garment to cover her elbows when she moisturizes, like cutting the toes out of some tube socks–it seems like a good project for Stitch Retraining Sampler Arm Warmers (knitting books and web sites are full of patterns for fingerless gloves and armwarmers, but I've never actually ever seen anyone wearing them). Fortunately I have Lots of Yarn, because I'm in the Spend a Lot of Money Get Lots of Stuff!!! stage of knitting rabies (though really–skeins of red tweed for $1 each at Michaels–how could you not buy three?)

So today I get home from church and pick up the Stitch Retraining Sampler and I'm knitting and I'm knitting and…

 What could have happened?

Sally mostly ignores the knitting, but Sukey will stare at the string…stare at the string…and pownce!!!

Knittin' kittin.

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6 Responses to Knitting: ur doin it rong

  1. jaypo says:

    I'm an experienced knitter but don't understand what you were doing… "twisting" the stitches how? Were you knitting in the back of the stitch then pulling it off the needle? :-\

  2. Um…maybe…I'm so confused right now I had to go to the Vogue book of knitting and follow the diagrams. I can tell you the ankles of my stockinette stitches were crossed instead of demurely side by side.

  3. These are my stitches from an earlier project. The ones up toward the red band are twisted.

  4. jaypo says:

    I think you've been knitting in the back of the stitch, Peg, rather than the front. It will give a twist like that. Keep it in your mental glossary b/c some special stitches do use that technique.Also, did you say you're lefty? I am too, but knit R-handed. Do you knit left handed or right handed?

  5. I'm right handed and knit right handed, pretty much completely monodextrous. I think I was knitting to the back and wrapping the purling yarn backwards…I had to check that I was doing that right alot and alot, especially when hopping between dpns while ribbing. It looks so simple!

  6. jaypo says:

    Yeah, the dpns can be tricky. I've made a couple pairs of socks (many many moons ago) and lots of mittens. It is nice not to have to purl–mostly.

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