Cupcakes for Laurie

Laurie said she wanted to eat brains.


The design is from Claire Crespo's book Hey Cupcake!

Some time back my brother and a doctor friend were talking about eating brains n' eggs, which is popular here in Georgia but back home in Michigan not so much–they laughed about it for a bit and then Dr. Mike said "…can you imagine the cholesterol on that?"

Actually you can read the cholesterol content on the back of the can:

It's something like 1000% of your Recommended Daily Allowance.

Anyway…the brain cupcakes are to start off my library's employee appreciation week, which has a B movie theme this year.

The mix was an economic decision–one box cost less than half of the price of the dye alone. The cupcakes taste okay but the flavor doesn't have the same depth as the ones I've made from scratch. They'll be served at a reception for the opening of the poster contest. I submitted these two:


But this is the one I'm voting for to win:

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18 Responses to Cupcakes for Laurie

  1. jaypo says:

    OMG, Peg, every little flowery, dainty, elegant thing you made just got flushed from my memory card. I can feel these in my mouth–I guess that says alot about your talent, but it's scary. I don't wanna eat bwains! pleh.

  2. Honestly, I thought will 24 cupcakes be enough? and then I thought who's gonna want to eat these?
    There will also be devilled eggs decorated to look like eyes.

  3. jaypo says:

    That's great! You work with a great bunch of folks it sounds like. Public library right? I can't imagine academics wanting to have that kind of fun.

  4. It is a great bunch of folks, but I work at the University of Georgia–this is the first year employee appreciation week has led to an extended public splashout like the poster exhibition–I never know what people will think: "Those librarians think they're funny. Huh."

  5. Laurie says:

    Most excellent brains! And red velvet cake mix? We sure don't have that up here. I'd use it and not have that unsightly mottled color effect. Thanks, Peg, from whom many good ideas flow!

  6. Morgat says:

    We had a Hallowe'en costume party in the library last year, students and faculty were invited, a good time was had by all, (some academics do have a sense of humor if you can believe it) 😉 and there were various spooky treats — I'll have to pass along the brain cupcakes idea for this year's party (if I may, Peg…)

  7. Please do–I have to say they weren't flying off the platter, though…

  8. Laurie says:

    How is the frosting made? It appears to have some marshmallowy consistency?

  9. It's just cream cheese frosting, dyed that lovely color and piped through a large round tip–I don't know what # tip, but the opening is about the size of the nail on my little finger. The red velvet mixes are available on Amazon, but you have to buy twelve–send me a PM if you'd like a box, I'd be happy to send one.

  10. Laurie says:

    And what did you combine for that lovely color?
    mariser just suggested over on my vox that I get some peep who's coming to Boston in August to bring me some of the mix, but thanks for your offer, I might need it some other time.

  11. That's a combination of red and black (a little too much of both, ackshully).

  12. Morgat says:

    Oh, I'm sure people would eat them here… we're noted for our food consumption (among library staff at least)…

  13. jaypo says:

    Libraries always have food! Having ravenously hungry students around all the time helps.

  14. Morgat says:

    Not to mention staff members that will eat anything, anywhere, anytime…

  15. jaypo says:

    It's soo true, morgat. I hardly ever see the head of my dept eat anything that isn't sweet. A can of sugarless Sprite is never far from her. ptooey.

  16. Alas, my department head is gluten-intolerant–she drinks hot water, plain hot water–and the rest of my office has food allergies, diets, and veganism, so I can only really bake for special occasions, and if I have some kind of plan for pawning off the leftovers. The brains were for a library-wide thing, so they all got eaten in the end.

  17. jaypo says:

    Sounds like where I work, honest. Nut allergies, diets, IBS, and borderline anorexia. This is where the students come in handy, disposing of leftovers.

  18. Unfortunately we're down to two students, both working nights and weekends and rarely coming to the office, so I've been feeding the security guards…I should try the shelvers next.

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